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Fireworks in South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Are you looking for Fireworks in South Pittsburg, TN? Get the best deals at Tennessee Alabama Fireworks and check out our wide selection of fireworks!

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South Pittsburg, TN

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Free Fireworks are Back at Tennessee Alabama Fireworks

Shop for fireworks at Pyro City and receive free fireworks! This season, our Pyro Rewards are back and we are offering FREE FIREWORKS with every $300 purchase. Shop in-store for exclusive deals and check out our new rewards flyer. We are stocked with 100’s of fireworks and are the largest retailer of Black Cat fireworks in the country. Bring the best fireworks show to your backyard!

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Looking for July 4th fireworks and New Year’s Eve fireworks! Shop our firework store and find the largest selection of Black Cat fireworks at the best prices where you can see them before you buy them with our multiple TVs. Stocked with artillery shells, multi-shots, roman candles, fountains and more

One of the original rockets made in China. A 12 pack of rockets with assorted effects.
One of the original rockets made in China. A 12 pack of rockets with assorted effects.
These 4 assorted rockets fly high into the sky and break into a big display. Each rocket has a different effect including red leaves, sizzling silver and red crossettes, and colored leaves.
These bad boys soar higher than any other rocket we have then break high in the sky to assorted effects including stars, crackle, palms and glitter. 6 assorted rockets per pack.

Welcome to Tennessee/Alabama Fireworks located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Less than seven miles north of the Alabama border.

Shop the biggest bangs, brightest colors, and largest selection of Black Cat fireworks. 100% no dud guarantee!

Tennessee/Alabama is your destination for year-round fireworks and fun souvenirs in the south. Come shop in our 9,000 square foot building and browse over 200 different products where you can see them before you buy them on our multiple TV screens.

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