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This fountain goes above the rest with its own mine effect along with bright chrysanthemum, and red, blue, and green sparks.
Gold fountain with burns of blue along with surprise ground blooms, strobes, and more!
Package of 3 fountains. Each one is over a minute of gold crackle and popcorn effects.
This kicks off with sizzling red sparks and flower effects, then blue sparks and snow pine effects shoot into the sky with red and green sparks and crackle with 10 ground bloom flowers lighting up the ground at the end.    
Demo Derby Fountain. Approximately 1 minute duration. Gold fountain, red spark and sunflower. Blue star and silver crackle. Red glitter, green glitter, white glitter.
A gold fountain with silver willow and yellow star effects with gold spider, yellow and blue stars.
Explode Energy. Approximately 1 minute duration. Big performance in a small package. Blue star and gold sunflower to Yellow star and blue star with white chrysanthemum to Blue star and Big silver chrysanthemum.
Fish Candy. Duration approximately 1 minute. red green blue fish, red green blue fish with silver rice ears red green blue fish with silver crackles.
Colorful fish effects with silver pine needles with red, green and white stars and crackle. Bright gold chrysanthemum and blue stars with sizzling crackle and red and green time rain.    
A handheld California style fountain that shoots multi-color flame and sparks with light crackle.    
This fountain is an explosion of red titanium rain, white chrysanthemum, and red, green, and blue sparks.
A strong fountain of purple and blue titanium rain, crackle and whistles.
A fast-paced fountain with bright red stars and sparks, green and purple stars with whistle, and crackle throughout.
A handheld fountain bursting with silver titanium flower effects.
Three different fountains packed with colorful fish, stars, sparks, whistle, and more!
Purple flame with titanium chrysanthemums and flower sparks transition to blue smoke to dragon egg crackle and sparks that come from the rear!    


One of the original rockets made in China. A 12 pack of rockets with assorted effects.
One of the original rockets made in China. A 12 pack of rockets with assorted effects.
These 4 assorted rockets fly high into the sky and break into a big display. Each rocket has a different effect including red leaves, sizzling silver and red crossettes, and colored leaves.
These bad boys soar higher than any other rocket we have then break high in the sky to assorted effects including stars, crackle, palms and glitter. 6 assorted rockets per pack.

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